Praktical information

Praktical information when you sail with the Morgenster.

Remember to pack:
Warm and wind tight clothing, hat, scarf, cap.
Rainclothing,rubber boots or watertight shoes.
Comfortable shoes with antiskid soles.
Sandals or slippers,socks, underwear, nightwear.
Swimsuit and towels.

The 2- and 4 person cabins have bedsheets and blankets. For a hammock you need to bring a sleeping bag.


Be sure to carry a valid passport and medical insurance card.

Other vacation stuff.
Photo- or videocamera, cellphone.
Sunglasses (with falling protection)
Small backpack for harbour use.
Music instruments (there are several guitars,drums and lots of other simple instruments on board)

Important to know.

Cash money (Euro's)

Coffee, tea and milk are included. All other beverages from the bar, have to be paid at the end of the trip. (no creditcards or travellers checks).

Drugs, mediation and diet.
All forms of illegal drugs on board are prohibited.
Medical prescription by your doctor is of course allowed. Please take all data according to your medication with you on board.
If you have medication which have effect on your normal functioning and safety on board, inform the crewmember who is 
responsible for this on board.
Diet. if you put your diet data on the reservation form, then the cook has taken it in to account for the journey.

Some people have seasickness on board, others don't. It mostly depends ont het weather, during the first day at sea. So good 
sleep, no alcohol on the night before departure, no coffee on an empty stomach and a good breakfast. You can used travelling 
medication, but for most people the sickness goes away after a day.

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